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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Homemade gifts

This Christmas season has been more about the homemade gift than in years past.  Partly because I started getting ideas (mainly for the Noodle) back in September, but also because I'm finally beginning to feel a bit more confident in my abilities.  I knew that I wanted to get her some more babydoll "accessories" (i.e. baby blankets, burp cloths, clothes, sling) so that was easy.  I had made this scarf for myself and thought that others would like it since you can never have too many scarves!  I also found this incredibly easy tute for a flower pin and after a few trials and errors a few more gifts were made.  This hobo sack was also easy to whip up and I foresee more of them in my future.  Since preschool is pretty militant about treats (allergies, etc.), I thought we'd go the fruit leather/sticker/homemade crayon route.  Note to self:  next time, don't use the good pots.......Finally, the Noodle's birthday crown was fun to make and the best part is that she can wear it over and over again.  So dear readers, was it a handmade holiday for you?

***The Noodle has 2 baby dolls that she plays with and so I made 2 of each thing.  I thought I'd go with coordinating fabrics and since blue is the Noodle's fav color, that was the starting point.

***If you hover over the caption, it will take you to the link, when appropriate.

 baby doll soft, lovey blankets
These were suppose to be sleepsacks...but I ran short of material...so another set of jammies.
***The Noodle is craaazy wild for minky material
Big Baby modeling her new jammies.
baby doll dresses--I asked which material the Noodle wanted me to use a few months ago.  She choose the crab and 4th of July print
(ummmm, hello?  lint brush?!)
 baby highchair--designed and made by Daddy


Debbie Sauer said...

Great job! Merry Christmas.

Nicole said...

You two are unbelievable, you should open your own "Etsy" store, you could raise a ton of money, and maybe use it toward, ummmmm, I don't know a sibling :)