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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Advent chain--Day 19

"Bake and decorate Christmas cookies"

J and the Noodle created the colors--it looks like the rainbow, doesn't it?!
 Pre-decorating fun...stacking up the bottles and watching them tumble down!
Ahhhh, the allure of sprinkles.  Who cares whether there is a cookie to sprinkle them on!  J and I iced, and the Noodle covered adorned the crispy, golden goodies.  The biggest question of the afternoon was what to do with the angel with the broken off wing, the candle whose flame became detached or the star that suddenly went from 5 rays down to 4 (or 3)...I think the answer is obvious--eat them!  We certainly won't win any cookie decorating contests (unless there is a category for the largest mound of sprinkles on one cookie) but they are from the heart and taste yummy!!

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Andrea said...

I love the advent posts - so fun!