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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent chain--Day 1

"Make a paper Advent Chain"

We had a fun time putting together the Advent chain.  Mean ol' mama of course had to turn it into a learning opportunity, so we worked on patterning, identifying the numbers as well as putting the numbers in order.  The Noodle had fun using the stapler.  In years past, when I've done paper chains with kiddos, I've tried to use both liquid glue as well as a glue stick.  My experience is that it is much easier (especially if they have the hand strength) to just go with the stapler.  Liquid glue takes too long to dry and glue stick often becomes unstuck...thus leading to frustration--kinda puts a damper on the whole thing.  It may not look as "pretty", but when you're dealing with a preschool attention span, ya just gotta motor through and get it done!

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