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Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Well, it's official!  We have a Kindergarten student!!

She had a great first day and was sooooo excited to go--literally jumping and twirling around the kitchen before we left this morning :)

Of course once we got there, she became pretty quiet, but it was insane a bit overwhelming to have all those kiddos, mommies, daddies, grandamas/grandpas, siblings, etc. in the room at one time.  Actually, I felt for her teacher--just like herding cats, I tell ya!
Before the parents left, the Noodle's teacher read the famous Kindergarten book, The Kissing Hand and then we each gave a kiss and cuddle to our little ones before we trooped out the door.  She made sure that we each took one of the hand cookies that she had made so we'd have that to give to the children when we picked them up.  So sweet!

And so, just like that, the Noodle's school career is in full swing.  I think it is going to be a great year!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello [back to school edition]

Today is my last day of summer vacay before returning back to work.  The Noodle starts on Thursday. It has been a great summer and while not exactly totally relaxing, we were able to knock just about everything off our summer list--yeah!!  So, so long summer and hello to a new school year!
Hello to being a Kindergarten student (how, how, how has this happened?!?!) and school uniforms.
Hello to getting to bed on time, early mornings and routines.
Hello to still needing a nap every now and again (both for me and the Noodle)!
Hello to never being too old for kisses, cuddles and belly laughs.

Hello to new teachers, new and old friends and great learning opportunities.  It's a new year and we're ready for it!  Want to see some more hellos?  Hop over and visit Lisa's blog :)

Monday, August 13, 2012


It's a sunny Monday but there are lots of hello's as we hook up with Lisa.  We've been busy the past few weeks due to our move, but we've still taken time to enjoy the last few weeks of summer--specifically all things related to horses;)  The Noodle has taken quite an interest, and last weekend there was a fund raiser for the Therapeutic Riding Program which included pony rides, face painting, riding shows and more.  Good times!
Hello to piles and piles of boxes that are shrinking, rather than growing.  Yeah!  Hello to everything finding its place.
Hello to imagination and 'Fred' the horse (don't be fooled, that bucket is really an Arabian).
Hello to organization, painting, decorating and re-decorating.  Why is it that the list keeps growing?!
Hello to lunches by the Lake and squeezing out as much time as possible to these last remaining golden days before school starts back up.
Hello to cooler nights and bright clear days. Fall, you're right around the corner aren't you?  What are you saying hello to this week?