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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Carrot-cake muffins

After reading a book from the library (in which a horse gets to go out to pasture and eat all the carrot-cake muffins she likes, day after day) the Noodle requested to make some.  Sure--I happen to like carrot-cake, but put a big ol' dollop of cream cheese frosting on top and my "like" turns into "loooove"!  I do have a couple of "helpful pointers" for any of you out there who decide to make your own....

1.  Buy pre-grated carrots.  It is a big horrific pain in the patootie to try and grate baby carrots.  Not so good on the fingers/nails either, especially little ones.
This cracks me up...monkey see, monkey do!
2.  Don't try to skimp steps and go with the pre-made cream cheese frosting.  When you've been used to the "real" stuff, the store-bought just doesn't compare :(
Good thing they still made the Noodle smile!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Coffee shop break

Since Lollie is off of school this week, we met her at a local coffee shop, after our weekly trip to the library, for a Monday morning break.  The espresso cup was the perfect size for the Noodle to have her hot cocoa in.  Whipped cream too--what a treat!   
Yummy!  And can you see all that glorious sunshine?!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Harold...on the stage

How many of you remember this book from childhood?  I'm sure quite a few, especially since it was first published in 1945!!  No matter, the story of how one little boy goes on a creative adventure with only his purple crayon, is timeless.  This morning the Noodle, and friends of ours from church, went to go see Harold on the big stage.  Both my friend and I were interested to see how they would interpret the book, especially because, while a sweet story, the plot is a bit...um, thin. 
Well, an interactive dance adaptation was the way they chose to express the story.  Interesting!  It was really more modern dance and since I have had little experience/exposure with it (as compared with more classical ballet) I was pretty intrigued!  The Noodle sat as she typically does at most performances...stock still, hands clasped, serious look on her face, eyes never wavering--so stoic!  At the end of the show, I asked her if she liked it and she said "Oh, yes!" 

Afterward, the four of us went out for lunch and the two kiddos really cut up.  They were both sharing and swapping their sunglasses back and forth...so cute.  I only wish I had a photo!!  Happy Friday :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The agony and the ecstasy!

...also known as bidding on E-bay.  The stress and nail-bitting, clock-watching anticipation!!  Ack!  I can't take it!

I will admit that I am an E-bay novice.  I had a few things that I have sold but have never bid/bought anything before...until recently.  Earlier in the week I started "watching" a few items.  They had 0 bids and so were remaining steady at the $9.99 mark.  I finally got up the courage to place a bid on one of them and each time I went back to check on it, I was satisfied to see that I was still the only one interested (or so I thought).  Last night when I checked, I saw to my horror that 3 other people had bid and the price was steadily rising.  Be still my heart!!  Suddenly the item I thought was cute and wouldn't mind having (for the Noodle as it turns out) suddenly became AN OBSESSION.  For the last 2 hours I have been lurking, refreshing, fretting and watching the seconds tick away...will I win it or won't I?  The agony and the ecstasy of it! 

Obviously I need to get a grip.  I'll let you know whether or not I score.  Fingers crossed.

***Recently added:  Bummer...I lost...in the last 30 seconds.  Boo Hiss.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello Saturday!

Hello sleeping in late and snuggles in bed.  Hello bagels and cream cheese with copious amounts of coffee.  Hello open-ended mornings and impromptu trips to the park.  Hello belly laughs and big hugs.  Hello Saturday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

When Chinese eyes are smiling

Hope you don't think I'm full of blarney, but I took some liberties on this St. Patrick's Day!
"When Irish Chinese Eyes Are Smiling, sure 'tis like a morn in spring.
In the lilt of Irish Chinese laughter you can hear the angels sing,
 When Irish Chinese hearts are happy all the world seems bright and gay,
And When Irish Chinese Eyes Are Smiling, sure, they steal your heart away."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We have this little spot in our kitchen that the Noodle LOVES to sit in.  We call it her hidey-hole.  It is under a counter, right by the warm vent so it is always toasty.  If I'm being honest, I'd love to have a hidey-hole that is warm and cozy too!  Many a night while I'm fixing dinner, she'll sit here and talk to me.  Today she decided it would be the perfect place to eat her apple.
This actually gives a better "feel" for the spot.  Nothing glamorous about it.  Right by the basement door actually.  Something about small spaces and kiddos.  They just seem to go together.
And in the vain of keeping it real--this is what she gave me when I asked her to smile........really cooperative, ha ha!  Had to take about 10 shots like this before I finally was able to capture this:
The "life-is-soooo-difficult-when-your-mother-is-always-taking-your-picture" look.  What a Noodle!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

There's nothing like it--

There's nothing like the fresh scent on a little one's head, who is straight from the bath.

There's nothing like being wrapped up in your favorite blankie.

There's nothing like snuggling with someone you love.

There's nothing like having a story read to you.

There's nothing like capturing these memories!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


--new sump pump:  $135
--new rubber boots:  $ 25
 --3 XL bottles of bleach:  $6
--having R*ter-Rooter's phone number on hand and the willingness of your F-I-L to come help out:  PRICELESS

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Fling...sewing addition

this blessed nest
Fabulously creative Kellie, over at This Blessed Nest, is hosting a "Spring Fling" party to usher in all things green, glorious and springy!  Can I get a woot-woot?  What a breath of fresh air it is, to see what everyone is up to in preparation for March 21st.  Hello?!  Inspiration knocking!!

A few weeks back I bought some yummy fabric.
I was bound and determined to "think Spring".  After a couple of successful hours at the sewing machine........

Thankfully I had a goofy willing model today...she hasn't been real receptive to the camera lately, so this was a nice change!
"I'll cross my legs, look away from the camera, and hold my fairy wand (with an important piece of tape?!) and hold my pose...how does it look Mama?"
"Get my toes...make sure you get my toes!!" 
Now we just need to get Mother Nature on the same page and warm things up a bit around here!

Monday, March 7, 2011

2 Chinese Chickies

These 2 little Chinese Chickies...adorable!!  Striking the double peace pose--what's up with that?!

On a different note, the Noodle's asthma has steadily gotten worse today.  After dinner, she and J were playing Legos and he said to her "I wish I could take that cough away from you!"  She replied, "You can't, but Jesus can because I have Jesus in my heart and he can fix it."  Awhhhh!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

When I grow up...

J was able to go into the Noodle's classroom this morning to talk to all of them about being an architect.  He confessed to me that he was more nervous speaking in front of a group of 3 and 4 year olds than he ever gets speaking in front of adults, but he did a GREAT job!
The "tools", which ironically are now mostly obsolete due to the computer, were a hit, as was the model.  They had fun passing everything around and especially like having their own "special" paper (trace paper...great to crunch and scrunch!).
Giving directions about the activity to come.
After he did his presentation, they came back a few at a time to complete the activity while the others were having center time.  It ended up being a really appropriate activity, since developmentally at this age they are all across the board. They all were successful and each one ended up with their very own blueprint for their new home as well as an elevation to color.  A hit!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date Night

Tonight is date night...for Daddy and the Noodle!  They are having a "popcorn with Pop" night at preschool and to say that the Noodle was excited would be an understatement!! 

Tomorrow he's going in to talk about being an architect (different daddies have been coming in to talk about their professions).  Last night we came up with an activity for the kids to do...I had to keep reminding him that they are a bunch of 3/4 year olds and that we have to keep it simple!  Exact-o knives anyone?!  Ha ha, I kid. More on that tomorrow.
Take the picture, already, Mama!  I want to go!!

Doesn't this just melt your heart?!