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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Re-adoption Day for Mei Mei

While everything with Mei Mei's adoption was finalized while we were in China back in February, some families choose to also finalize in the States, which allows them to obtain an American birth certificate.  While we have her Chinese one, having one from our state (in English) makes life sooo much easier.
There were more forms to fill out (go figure), a fee (isn't there always?!) and then an appointment with the Magistrate which was basically a time for some friendly chit-chat.  She stamped a few forms, looked over the paperwork and we were outta there in 30 minutes.  Kinda anti-climatic, but we're all about ease here :)
You can read about The Noodle's finalization here--back in '09 (can it really be?!)

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Yum!  Summer with its bounty of delicious fruit right at our fingertips--I love it!
Late summer, in our part of the world, is a great time for picking raspberries.  We haven't been in a few years (boo!) so it was nice to head back out and spend the morning hunting and gathering--ha!
J was able to go with us, so between the 3 of us (Mei Mei was busy wandering and attempting to "disappear"--so she could nibble in peace?!) we picked 8 quarts.  The Noodle and I restrained ourselves from sampling until the very end, but boy, was it hard!
Our dinner reservations for the evening?  A picnic down at the Lake--perfect view and perfect company! Bet ya can't guess what was up for dessert?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

1 year anniversary of Mei Mei's referral

One year ago today the Noodle and I had just returned from our second ER visit of the summer to find out that, yes in fact, she had broken her wrist again.  I was fixing our lunch so I could take her back to the babysitter's house so that I could go in and work at least 1/2 of my professional day at school.
Then the phone rang and the whole world tipped upside down.

It was our agency.  I was dumbfounded.  I knew that at some point in time we'd get a call, but I certainly wasn't expecting it then.  I listened with bated breath about the referral of a little girl who had a repaired cleft lip and cleft palate who had just turned 2.  She was a bit older than we had originally thought, but I quickly confirmed that yes, we were interested in learning more about her.  I wrote all about it here.
They e-mailed the file to us, but J and I waited until that evening to read it or look at the sweet little face of Wu Yu Mei.  It nearly KIILLED me, but I wanted us both to see it at the same time and I had to teach my exercise class that evening so it wasn't until 8:30 before we sat down together, prayed and then clicked the e-mail open.
The rest is history!!

We love you Littl' Buddy and can't imagine life with out you now!!

First Day of Second Grade

After a fun-filled last day of summer vacation yesterday...
we awoke bright and early to start second grade.  How has this happened?!  Geesh!!
Mei Mei is all excited about starting school too, she's just a little confused that her's doesn't start for a few more weeks.
The excitement level was high but, as 8:20 a.m. got closer, so were the nerves.  It was all good, though.  Her teacher greeted her with an exuberant welcome, we found her seat, got her things unpacked, said our last minute good-byes and gave kisses and headed out the door.
Can't wait to hear the full report when she hops off the bus this afternoon!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday morning tradition

Most Saturday mornings, if the weather is nice, the girls ask to go outside and ride bikes.  Now this, in and of itself, is not particularly noteworthy, however the lure of it is that they are playing out in their jammies. Ha!
Our neighborhood has very limited traffic and is quite walkable (even though the streets are horrible!) so it makes it perfect for little bike rides.  That, coupled with the fact that it is usually before 8:00 a.m. when they venture out, ensures that they can ride in peace.  Not entirely sure the rest of the neighborhood feels that way when the little motley crew heads out, especially when they start laughing or singing, but hopefully it brings a smile to their faces when they see the Noodle leading the brigade, Mei Mei steadily following after and J bringing up the rear, coffee in hand.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Quick pick-me-up for the laundry room

One of the first things J did once we moved into our house, back in 2012, was to set-up the laundry room. Previously, it had been in the basement.  An unfinished, dank, pit space.  We had relocated it up to a main level and once the paint was up, the flooring was down and the trim was in place, we, meaning J, moved on to the next project.  I foo-fooed it up a bit by adding some scrappy bunting, tutorial here, but that was about it.  We knew we'd probably go back and do a little more but it was fine for the time being.
Last weekend, J got it into his mind to add some beadboard to the laundry room.  Now let me just say, if you're looking for a quick and (relatively) inexpensive project with lots of impact, this one is totally for you! For about $20 for 1 sheet of beadboard, some trim and a can of white paint, you can take your space to the next level ;)
So while he was waiting for the paint to dry in the dining room (multiple plates spinning in the air, no?!), he set about working on the laundry room.  I had seen this cute idea and since we had some old windows from the dining room that had been removed and sigh wouldn't be able to be used again, I thought I'd re-purpose them as wall art.  
At the end of the weekend I had a bright, spiffy new laundry room.  Whoo-hoo!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

"I have this idea......."

"Daddy, I have this idea...can you help me with it?"  So it started during Mei Mei's naptime.  The Noodle had had this idea brewing in her mind and just needed a little help with the execution of it. Power tools and all.

She went into J's wood stock and picked out all the pieces and then marked where she wanted him to cut it. After it was cut, she hammered the nails and he helped get the screws in place (so it would move, obvs.), and then she spray painted it all red but made sure to switch out to green for the bottom of the feet.  Very important detail.
Last step?  To add the facial features to her T-Rex.  She was obviously very proud of herself--as well she should be.  Keep it up, my girl!