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Saturday, August 2, 2014

"I have this idea......."

"Daddy, I have this idea...can you help me with it?"  So it started during Mei Mei's naptime.  The Noodle had had this idea brewing in her mind and just needed a little help with the execution of it. Power tools and all.

She went into J's wood stock and picked out all the pieces and then marked where she wanted him to cut it. After it was cut, she hammered the nails and he helped get the screws in place (so it would move, obvs.), and then she spray painted it all red but made sure to switch out to green for the bottom of the feet.  Very important detail.
Last step?  To add the facial features to her T-Rex.  She was obviously very proud of herself--as well she should be.  Keep it up, my girl!

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Seth said...

Now that is creativity, you rock Claire!!