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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First Day(s) of School

We made it through the first week of school for everyone. Big exhale!
The Noodle started last Monday.  Overall she was ready, but there were some nerves.

She's catching the bus with her good friend, who also lives in the neighborhood.  J meets everyone at the corner and then walks them down and waits until they hop on the bus.
Mei Mei had her Kinder orientation on Monday (J stayed with her) and then she started on Tuesday. I took her to school that day and got her settled before I went on my way.  She was ready.to.go!
Both are now loving school and enjoy their teachers.  When J walks everyone down, he hands off Mei Mei to the neighbor and she goes with her good friend and then about 45 minutes later, they catch the bus.  The routine seems to be working for all!  Yay!
Here's to a great school year!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

3 years ago...

...we had just gotten home from the hospital, due to the Noodle's broken wrist, when I received the call for our little Mei Mei.
She was living in Wuzhou, Guangxi, in a foster home, completely oblivious that on the other side of the world, a family was crying tears of joy that they finally had their little sister.
She's every bit as sweet as those initial referral pictures, but twice as sassy!  She loves to talk and has quite mastered the art of the photo pose (i.e. hand on her hip!).  Ha!
Mei Mei is fiercely loyal, especially to "my big sister, C" and knows how to dig her heels in when she feels the need.
She keeps us on our toes and we wouldn't have it any other way!  Happy 3rd referral day Mei Mei!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Family Reunion Take 2

After getting together with my side of the family a few weeks ago, last weekend we got to hang out with J's extended family.  Never a dull moment, I tell ya ;)

A road trip was called for so that all of Grandma's brothers and sisters--there are 6 of them all together, plus children and grandchildren, could celebrate the oldest brother's marriage of 50 years!! What an accomplishment, especially in this day and age!
We road tripped all together with Grandma and Grandpa.  Borrowing a big ol' Suburban started the trip off right with the younger set.  They loved the extra space and all the bells and whistles--ha!
Staying at a hotel--with a pool!!--also made them pretty pumped!  Can you tell they love swimming with Daddy?  Actually anytime with Daddy makes them beam.
J's older brother drove 6 hours to join in the festivities.  These guys--what a bunch of goofs!
Family drove in from all over to reconnect.  Isn't it wonderful when something positive brings everyone back together?
 There were lots of hugs and opportunities to be silly.
The girls enjoyed being at a "fancy" party and meeting everyone.  We spent quite a bit of time talking about how to make a good first impression, how to carry on a conversation, etc.  They did so well!!!
After dinner, it was time to bring up the happy couple.  Grandma spoke briefly because she had been one of the bridesmaids 50 years ago.  Her brother and sister-in-law talked about the ups and downs they had faced, but how ultimately, God, faith and family had made them stronger and brought them through it all.
 Then it was time for some dancing.  Slow songs--
 and fast ones!
 It might have gotten a little crazy when "We are family" was played
 or when the DJ put on "Proud Mary".  The girls LOVED watching all the action and joining along--
 and even got in on some line dancing!
Do I spy a dab?!
I even got to dance a few with this guy--yay!
Our lives are so busy, but it is always such a blessing to be able to slow down, reconnect and press in with family.  I'm not sure the next time all of Grandma's siblings and extended family will be together, so it was a treasure to have this time with everyone!