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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year Eve

Gong Hey Fat Choy!
 Everyone wore their silks or red for church this morning to celebrate Chinese New Year's Eve.
Later on today we're going over to our friends' house for a traditional CNY feast.  Should be yummy!  Happy Year of the Monkey!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Life Lately

It has been pretty quiet around these parts.  Just living life.
We've had one "decent" snowfall this winter.  Cray-cray!  It was bitter out, but they were determined...I wimped out after about 20 minutes and went in to watch from the window.
 Badge awards at AHG.
 All the dumpster diving.  He's got plans................and they include pallets.  Lots and lots of pallets.
 She was suppose to be getting out of the car...
I mean, the SIZE of that thing!  Costco--go figure.  It made me want to throw up, but we had to text it to J.  He loooved it.
 Proud girl ;)
Sunny, mid-50 weather means creativity, bungee cords and containers.  Not sure what was going on here, but everyone was super focused and happy for like an hour, so we went with it.
 Sunday morning congee breakfast for the win!
 Another milestone mastered!  #proudmama #proudMeiMei

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chinese New Year decorations

Chinese New Year this year starts on Monday, Feb. 8th.  It will be the year of the monkey.  Since the Christmas wreath came down but it's too early to put up the Spring one, our front door was looking a little bleak.  I decided to put together a quick little CNY wreath with a tutorial to boot.  Lucky you! We've got this up, along with our CNY bunting, so we're feeling festive.  Interested?  Read on!

wreath form (either one of those green foam ones or a straw one)
red ribbon (act fast, and maybe you can snag a Christmas one from JoAnn's on clearance-woot!)
small-headed pins
lai see/hong bao (red envelopes from the Chinese market)
thinner red ribbon
paper punch

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, but basically you're going to wrap the ribbon all around the wreath form, pinning to secure every few wraps.
Once the entire wreath is wrapped, then punch holes in the red envelope and thread the thinner red ribbon through the holes.  Pin that to the wreath.
Finally, take the left over ribbon and make a loop and sew the top forward and back a few times to create a hanger.
Ta-Da!  Your cheery Chinese New Year wreath is ready to hang up!
To keep the festivities going, when the girls were off from school last week, we decided to get our craft on by making some kumquat thumbprint art (inspiration from here).
 A fun little activity!  Happy Year of the Monkey!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year's Day

2016 started off with puzzles and more puzzles.  These 3 got into a groove and kept it going!
When they weren't putting puzzles together, they were busy playing one of the many games that were received over Christmas.  Kerplunk, Jenga, Lazer maze or Fish-a-ree.
Grandma and Grandpa came over for New Year's dinner and we had traditional fare of pork tenderloin, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, salad and sauteed green beans with carrots.  No black eyed peas this year.
These two--ha!
The rest of the vacation was spent enjoying being together and chill-axing.  We ended on a high note with a visit to Starbucks.  The girls had found a gift card in the park and after trying to determine who in the neighborhood had lost one and coming up with nothing, we treated them to hot chocolate.
They were pretty excited since they never get Starbucks (J, not so much...!) however I think they need to learn the art of savoring a hot beverage.  They both finished their drinks in about 5 minutes flat--there was some serious chugging going on, rather than sipping.  Ha ha!! 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015, hello 2016!

Typically on New Year's Eve we go out to a fancy dinner with Lollie and Papa, but this year they went away to a bed-n-breakfast for a few days so it was just the 4 of us hangin' together.

Last night the girls spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa so J and I had a date night out with another couple from church.  Yipee!  It was actually the first time Mei Mei spent the night away from us and she did so well.  What a relief, because we've had some teary nights here of late and she's been talking about being afraid of monsters lately too.  Poor thing :(
Since we didn't have reservations anywhere, we knew we'd have to go early and also knew we wanted some kind of ethnic food.  Earlier in the day we had driven by a new Lebanese restaurant so we decided to go back there and try it.

It certainly wasn't fancy but everything tasted sooo good!  Mei Mei was in a bit of a mood as you can tell but snapped out of it quickly.
Waiting for our food.
Yum.  We gobbled it all down.  Now we all reek like garlic, ha!
When we got home everyone put on their jammies and we played one of Mei Mei's new games that she got for Christmas.  Then we went around and talked about goals we each have for 2016.
Daddy--being more deliberate and intentional with friends
Mama--being obedient to the one small thing that the Lord places before her
The Noodle--being a better sister to Mei Mei and taking even more AR tests in school
Mei Mei--not fighting with her sister
After the girls went to bed, J and I cracked open the champagne (it is New Years after-all!) and watched the movie The Butler.  We certainly didn't party-hearty but it was still a great New Year's Eve!  See you in 2016!!