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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Raspberry pickin' time!

As we roll from one berry season into the next, I swear I find it hard to decide which one I love more...strawberries, blueberries or raspberries!  Each one is delicious in it's own way I guess.
Since it was such a gorgeous morning, we thought it would be perfect to go pick.  The place where we go is just about 15 minutes from our home--they call themselves "the farm in the city" because it is right literally next to Downtown.  Just a hop, skip and a jump away!
We did pretty well for ourselves.  6 qts of those beautiful, red, juicy orbs.  Yum!  The Noodle had fun picking and talking non-stop to us, but once we gave her the go-ahead that she could sample, she went hog wild.  We practically had to drag her out of the patch because she would run ahead, grab and shove and then laugh like a maniac, circle back to us and then do it all again.  Finally I grabbed her hand and we managed to make it out of there without the entire farm sitting in her tummy.  Ha!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


For the past three summers we have gotten together with some of the other families that traveled in our group over to China to adopt.  At that time, it was the first adoption for all of us.  Since then, 2 out of the 4 of us have gone back (some multiple) times, to adopt additional kiddos.  It is always so fun to get together, reminiscence, hear about upcoming and future adoptions, compare notes, laugh and of course marvel at how the Lord has used the beauty of adoption to grow families in ways none of us could ever have imagined.
It was a busy day filled with jumping on the trampoline, a loose interpretation of a volleyball match, climbing on the jungle-gym, driving around on various riding toys, and of course chatting.  I was sure the Noodle was going to konk-out in the car on the way home...nope, she stayed awake!  I wasn't so sure about J--I think he played just as hard as she did :)
To all the families--we had so much fun catching up and seeing you!  We can't wait until next summer to do it all again!

As a side note, this was the first time the girls would sit for a group photo and that everyone seemed in a happy mood.  In years past, there was always someone having somesort of melt-down!  Ha!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Last Day of Leave

Today is the official last day of my extended leave of absence.  Monday I go back to teaching.  It has been SUCH a blessing being off this whole time.  As J and I were in our waiting phase, I couldn't begin to fathom what the Lord had planned and why it was taking SOOOOO long.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  Traveling on Sept. 11, 2008 allowed me to start the 2008 school year, but then take the rest of that year plus the 2 additional ones allowed by our contract (totaling almost 3 years).  Only He could orchestrate such things. 
We decided to go downtown and meet J one last time for lunch.  It is always great when we get to see him during the day!
 Side note here--I think this picture is so funny!  For those of you who have been to China, you know that many Chinese will squat while they wait--whether they are at a bus stop, playing cards, having a snack, chatting, talking on the phone, etc.  It is such a common sight, both for men as well as women.  The Chinese Noodle will frequently drop into her "Chinese person pose" as J and I call it whether she's playing, outside, or like here, eating an apple!  Ha!

After that, the Noodle and I decided to try a new frozen yogurt store that has just opened up in our area.  They have all these flavors and you pick as many or as few as you want, plus all kinds of yummy toppings and sauces.  You pay by the ounce.  Not too bad you may think, but they totally fool you by having these HUGE cups.  Major portion control is needed, otherwise you have a nice, full bowl of frozen yogurt but it is probably 20 times the serving size that you actually need!  That soft serve machine was also hard to control, but let me tell you it was delish!!
For me--cappuccino and red velvet (I'm obsessed w/that flavor lately) and for the Noodle--York peppermint and red velevet.  We both added a few turtle candies and I had a small dab of hot fudge!
See what I mean about the size of the bowls?!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

CSA week 7

We got a nice little bonus this week in our CSA share.  Normally we get mainly veggies, but this week we got a cantaloupe as well as blackberries (notice how they had to be put up high?!  Someone COULD NOT stop themselves from eating them!).  We also scored some corn, red leaf lettuce, an onion, a yellow pepper, and two different kinds of tomatoes.  In our garden this year J planted lots of grape/cherry tomatoes but only 1 or 2 large tomato plants, so this will be a nice addition--anyone else out there luurrve a homegrown tomato and sharp cheddar cheese sandwich with a little mayo?  Yummmy!  I'm licking my chops as I type...definitely tomorrow for lunch :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A trying few days...

Oh. my. goodness.  We've had our hands full around here these past few days.  For some unknown reason, the Noodle has decided to unleash the hounds of Hades where her behavior is concerned.  Lord, give me strength!  It started on Saturday at the crack of dawn morning with a meltdown (windows open...I'm sure the neighbors were thanking us) because I wouldn't move positions on the sofa when I was ordered told to move.  Really?!  I don't think so!  Then last night, because J pulled the window shade closed, when it was "Mama night"--again windows open, broadcasting to the world her fury.  We're talking screaming, kicking, crying, flailing around, etc., etc., etc.  Totally unhinged.

It seems that she's been going from 0 to 90 in no time at all!  Both days she had been fine, not seemingly grouchy or testy or anything like that, and then BAM.  Yikes!
Then this morning, after a fun time baking sugar cookies with some new cookie cutters, she lost it again.   All because I was cleaning up the kitchen and had asked her to please put her library books back into her bag so that we could go up and get ready to go the park.  Again, she had been as sweet as sweet can be and was really a good little helper with the cookies...and then WWIII hit.  Notice in the pictures how the windows are open?  Oh yes, our neighbors are no doubt wondering what kind of monster we are harboring!
Needless to say, we didn't end up at the park and the books (as well as the Noodle) ended up in time-out.  After finally calming down and getting dressed I decided we needed to sit outside and do something soothing/calming--playing with rainbow rice. 
We'll see what the next few hours days bring.  I don't usually write about testy, difficult behavior, because quite frankly it is such a downer and who really wants to read about it?!  On the other-hand, the Noodle is a normal little preschooler who has big highs and lows and still is learning how to regulate and manage her behavior.  Just keeping it real, ya know?!
Mmmmwwahhh!  Watch out!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Extended family visit

A few days after the 3 of us left Lollie and Papa's cottage, my Nana, Aunt and Uncle went up to visit.  We all hooked up this weekend for a nice casual dinner last night and brunch this morning.  It was so good to catch up and reminisce!
Making homemade ice-cream...a little easier than the old "hand-crank" one we use to have!

The Girls:

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Kiddie Park

Somehow, in my entire childhood, we never once visited this Kiddie Park!  I can't believe it.  Perhaps because by the time we moved to this city, I was taller than the 50" limit (but Uncle wasn't), so I was a bit beyond it.  But anyhoo...we were suppose to go with friends today, but then one of the little girls got sick (boo--we missed you!).  The Noodle and I decided to go anyway, just the 2 of us.  One of the last hurrahs of summer.
We hit all of the rides and had a great time in the process.  While it was busy, we didn't really have to wait, except for the train.  One of the little bonuses?  When you buy a book of tickets, those which don't get used, can be used the following year...actually they can be used forever.  There's no expiration date!  Cool, huh?  We'll definitely be back!!
Ready with her ticket.
Fun on the merry-go-round.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Long Weekend ReCap

We had a great couple of days hanging out with family and enjoying the sun, warmth and water...all the best that summer has to offer!

First off, boating with Grandma and Grandpa--
Then it was time to head up to the summer cottage with Lollie and Papa.  The little getaway where they have their cottage is a complete throwback to the good-ole-days.  One day we went to an ice-cream social where the band was playing and took a horse and carriage ride.  Love it!  Bikes and golf carts rule the roads here and everyone waves and is so friendly.  No one locks their doors (shouldn't post that, I suppose) and children run around and roam free until twilight beckons them home.
Do you think she liked her brown "GodSquad" t-shirt that Papa bought for her?  She wore it the entire time she was there!  Ha ha :)  Did I also mention that ice-cream is considered a staple here?  Yum!