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Sunday, August 7, 2011


There's no doubt about it.  The Noodle is a tomboy.  Anyone who has been reading our blog for a while knows about her love of all things related to Thomas and "Ka-Chow" (aka Lightening McQueen/CARS).  Everyone once in a while she'll break out her babydolls, but she has a minimal interest in D$sney Princesses and abolutely NO interest in B*rbies ("too scary"). 

Since J's folks are downsizing, many "treasures" have been unearthed during the process.  Many of these are J's toys from when he was growing up.  He and his brother took such good care of them that his mom just packed them away when they out-grew them and so now, 20 years later, they are still in great condition.  The Noodle has had a heyday as they have been brought out--G.I. J#e, matchbox cars, car-town (not that this is the correct name, but it is like a town for the cars to drive around).  Lots of it J has sold on ebay (who knew G.I. J#e could be so profitable?!), but some of it the Noodle has begged to play with and keep. 

As I sit here, posting this now, she is quite content zooming around the various cars, car carriers and trucks, all the while talking to herself the entire time.  Sometimes I just like to stop and listen to her...until she realizes what I'm doing and then states very firmly "STOP listening to me!".  Ha ha!  Thank goodness her tomboy feelings haven't trickled over into what she wears...yet!

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