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Friday, August 5, 2011

Now that the calendar has flipped to August, things have really started to pick up steam!  We've been busy, busy with the Noodle even spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's.  Tonight is VBS, tomorrow we're heading out onto the Lake for some boating and then up to Lollie and Papa's summer get-away for a few days.
A few funny Noodle-isms:  she has gotten into the habit of saying "I'm going to do this my OWN way."  Case in point--the other night as she was putting her jammie bottoms on, J and I commented that they were inside out.  She very emphatically told us she was doing it in her own way and somehow managed to get them on right side out, with the tag in back.  Ha ha--you go!  Normally I don't mind when she does things in her OWN way, but every once in a while she needs to be reminded that no, in fact, you have to do things MY way. 
I guess I must also peer over my sunglasses at her, especially when we are out-and-about and there is some behavior that I'm finding somewhat questionable.  She will now take her hand and put it up to the bridge of her nose and "peer" back at me.  LOL!  At least we seemed to have moved away from the 'covering your eyes' bit that she used to pull!

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