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Friday, January 7, 2011

"Cover your eyes"

I love the Noodle.  No question.  But at times mind you, she can be a down-right stinker.  And I don't love that.  When she has been naughty or is being given a "talking to", she will sometimes put her hand up and "cover your eyes".  Initially it is hard not to snicker.  But then you realize you're being dissed by a 4 year old and that ain't cool.  Sometimes she'll say "I'm covering your eyes" and sometimes the hand just goes up.  Either way it isn't a pretty situation.  I'm real big on eye contact, especially when you've been caught and the situation is being addressed.  Heh...cover your eyes indeed!
Oops, I guess Thomas was the one being cheeky. 
I stand corrected ;)

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