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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm going back to Cali

The year after college, when I traveled as a consultant for my sorority, I spent a good bit of time out on the West Coast.  During one visit (to San Diego State University) the women took me out for fish tacos.  I had never had them before, but let me tell ya...they were delish!  Nothing quite like a fish taco eaten on the beaches of Southern California...basking in the sun...ahhhhhh.

So lately, I've had a hankering for some sun and surf.  Perhaps because of the perpetual gray that is surrounding us now...yuck.  You can read the recipe that I used here, but I also included a few photos.  Sorry for the grainy quality of some of them.  You can blame it on the weather (or the rain--like Milli Vanilli said--did I just date myself?!)

Red cabbage, doused with some vinegar
Fresh cilantro and a little onion (I took the quick way and used dried onion...really, it is better w/green onions)
Mix in the lime juice, mayo and Greek yogurt
Pull out the tortillas and layer cabbage, fish (leftover from a previous meal w/a great rub), some yellow tomatoes and top with the lime-cilantro cream.  Yum!

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