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Friday, January 21, 2011

P#nera lunch

Today the Noodle and I were fortunate enough to eat lunch with a family that traveled with us to China.  They live about 4 hours away, but have a close family member staying at the hospital in our city for an "extended stay", and so are up here for a few days.  Amidst snowy conditions and frigid temperatures we ventured out to meet them at P#nera. 
Did someone say cheese?
It was fun to connect, catch up and chat about life and all that is going on, especially with the 2 girls.  At the end of the lunch, we attempted to get some photos.  L was cooperative, but the Noodle was being goofy.  You'll also notice the red ring around her mouth...tomato soup--yummy on a cold day!
Bundle and cuddle up!


David,Lois,Austin, Darrell & Leila said...

I really enjoyed our lunch. Thanks for coming out to meet us on such a COLD, COLD day!

Debbie Sauer said...

I love Panera, and the pictures of the girls! Blessings

Nicole said...

That first picture made me lol!! That is some nice "cheese"!