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Thursday, January 20, 2011

An interview with the Noodle

This morning, before preschool, the Noodle was engaging in a little creativity with her paints and I thought I'd ask her a few questions...an interview, if you will.  Here it is.  Most of it is straight from the horse's mouth.
"Hey there Noodle.  Can I interview you for the blog?"

"Um, I'm kinda busy...painting."

"Please?  You can paint and talk to me at the same time."

"Well, okay."

"Great--first question:  Do you have a favorite book?"

"The Thomas book.  The Happy Birthday Thomas book."
"Okay, next question:  When you grow up, what do you want to be?"

"I want to be an architect like Daddy.  I will help make buildings but I will need help."

"Great answer.  On to question number three:  Do you have a favorite song that you like to rock out?"

"Pants on the ground and Bibbity Bobbity Boo" (as an aside, the Noodle has never seen Am#rican Id*l, but once, in an attempt to cut toenails, J put it on via YouTube as a distraction.  I seem to remember that she was indeed intrigued, but there was still bloody murder a lot of yelling that went on.  She will periodically chant "pants on ground, pants on ground, lookin' like a fool with pants on ground"...So glad that out of all the music we listen to and sing, that is what her favorite is....)
"Oookaaay, how about telling me what your favorite food is?"

"I love to eat Daddy's pancakes for breakfast.  Are we almost finished?"
Oct. 2008
"Ohh yeah, me too!  Yes, we are almost done, only a few more.  What is your favorite thing to do with Mama?"

"Take a shower and do table time"  (Well now, that surprised me!  Before you think her answer is too creepy, I'll just say that in general, the Noodle still takes baths.  The few times she has jumped into the shower with me, we've usually been in a hurry--the ol' kill two birds with one stone thought process.  Most times though she squeals that the water is in her eyes, watch out for the soap, etc., etc. so I didn't really think she like it.)

"Only 2 more--Do you have a favorite outfit?"

"My coat"
"?!?!  Last one--What is your favorite thing to do by yourself?"

"Read books.  I'm done now.  Stop asking me questions."

There you have it readers...straight from the Noodle herself!


Susan said...

Too cute! I laughed out loud at her music selection :)

Nicole said...

That is funny, and the music, guess that proves how powerful the stuff REALLY is :)

Kiki said...

That's hilarious!!! :) Kiki