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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Soccer Saturday

Some of the older boys at the babysitter's play soccer.  Most afternoons when I pick the Noodle up, if it is warm enough, they are outside kicking the ball around.  The Noodle has become quite interested and so Santa picked up a soccer ball as a last minute gift.  She was pumped!
When I was browsing through our hometown's Rec department brochure, I saw a 6 week course for 'soccer smart start'.  Basically it is geared for preschoolers and their parents to begin to learn the basics of soccer.  Bingo!  This would be the perfect way to burn off some energy (since it is in a school gym) but we wouldn't have to commit to weeks of standing out in the freezing, spring rain.  So positive, aren't I?  Kinda like 'try it before you buy it'.
Today was our first day and I'd say she had a fun time.  It took a bit of time to "warm up" but after that, she's was good to go.  I got quite a chuckle because she was the only girl--one other little girl came in the last 10 minutes, but obviously most preschool girls aren't as into soccer as our little tomboy :)
Before we left, though, the Noodle had requested the standard Saturday morning breakfast--pancakes!  She loves to help J make them and chatters away to him the entire time.  Sigh...aren't Saturdays wonderful?!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy New Year!!!  Well, Chinese New Year doesn't actually start until tomorrow, but the Eve is just as important, right?
Grandma and Grandpa and their friend, Mrs. C, were passing through, after seeing a play Downtown, and we decided it was the perfect excuse to go out and celebrate CNY.  Actually, we rarely need an excuse to go out and eat Chinese food, but having them visit made it even more enjoyable.
It is time to say good bye to the rabbit and hello to the dragon.  I wonder what exciting things will roar in with it?!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas vacation

We had such a fun, relaxing Christmas vacation.  I can't quite believe that it is over with and we're into the cold, bleak days of January.  Sigh.
Between vising out-of-town family, meeting Uncle and Aunt C's newest (4-footed) addition, sleeping in late, having extra snuggles in bed, watching a movie or two, gorging on Christmas cookies (and candies and cupcakes and pies and, and, and...), conveniently disregarding the holiday workout schedule (ugh, back on the straight and narrow), giggling, shopping at IKEA, going on a date night, spending waaay too much time in "comfy clothes" aka pants with expandable waists and taking time to just enjoy the tree while listening to music, the two weeks flew by!  That's o.k., though.  We have some wonderful memories, quite a few photos and even a few home movie clips.  Sounds like a pretty good Christmas vacation to me.  Sigh.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in 2012...1 day early

We have a little tradition in our family.  We go out to eat (early) on New Year's Eve with Lollie and Papa.  Sometimes Uncle and Aunt C are in town and sometimes not.  Every year is different.  This year they were in town, but were heading out to drive the 8+ hours back to Va. on the 31st.  Soooo, we decided to ring in the New Year a day early.  Good thing, because someone got sick.  But more on that in a minute.
It is always fun to get dressed up and go out to eat at a fancy-smanchy restaurant.  Where we went this year has definitely evolved as far as eating establishments go.  Back in the day (like when I was in high school), they did super casual Italian...with a high amount of take-out.  Lollie even used them to feed the cheerleading squad one pre-game supper--ha!
Aunt C is starting at the U.Va's nursing school in the Spring...Can you guess what we got for Christmas?!  Lollie was holding Papa's shirt, since he was meeting us at the restaurant.

Now it is just known for great, rustic, authentic Italian food.  They may still do some catering, but it has come a long way from the poly-styrene, paper napkins and plastic cutlery of days gone by.
We had a fun night hangin' out with the fam and said our goodbyes to Aunt C and Uncle.  Then we headed home to get the Noodle in bed and watch The Help, which I had just gotten from the library--I know.  Raising the roof, crazy times............except in the middle of the night, J woke up feeling sick.  Turns out he was sick 3 more times that night and woke up on the Eve with a low-grade fever.  Yuck!  He remained sick and so we stayed in on the actual New Year's Eve and just chilled.  Ditto for today, which is kinda too bad, since we always host both sets of parents for a pork-sauerkraut-potato-palozza shin-dig.  Sigh.  We'll just have to reschedule and hope and pray that J's ushering in 2012 with a sick tum isn't a forecast of things to come! 
 Even with one sick-o, we still had a nice New Year's Eve and New Year's day.  It is really all about being with those you love, isn't it?  Hope your 31st/1st was filled with laughs and love!!!  Here's to 2012 (really?!?!?)!