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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas vacation

We had such a fun, relaxing Christmas vacation.  I can't quite believe that it is over with and we're into the cold, bleak days of January.  Sigh.
Between vising out-of-town family, meeting Uncle and Aunt C's newest (4-footed) addition, sleeping in late, having extra snuggles in bed, watching a movie or two, gorging on Christmas cookies (and candies and cupcakes and pies and, and, and...), conveniently disregarding the holiday workout schedule (ugh, back on the straight and narrow), giggling, shopping at IKEA, going on a date night, spending waaay too much time in "comfy clothes" aka pants with expandable waists and taking time to just enjoy the tree while listening to music, the two weeks flew by!  That's o.k., though.  We have some wonderful memories, quite a few photos and even a few home movie clips.  Sounds like a pretty good Christmas vacation to me.  Sigh.

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