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Monday, May 26, 2014

The start of all things...summer!

Nothing like the Memorial Day holiday weekend to get the summer off and rollin'!
We made sure we did all kinds of summer-like activities.  With the weather being as beaut.i.ful as it was, we couldn't help not doing so!!

Making homemade ice-cream?  Check.
Tasty breakfast treats?  Check.
Playing at the beach?  Check.

Kayaking--multiple times?  Check.
***Don't worry, when she went out in the water, she had her special vest on!

Hanging with family?  Check.

Memorial Day parade?  Check.
Playing outside?  Check.

BBQing and eating in the park?  Check.
Summer is officially here!!!!!!!!!!  Yipee :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Like 2 peas in a pod

The Noodle wearing the carrier and taking care of her baby, circa 2008.

Mei Mei wearing the carrier and taking care of her baby!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day weekend...better late than never

Mother's Day weekend was be.aut.i.ful!!  We were able to spend lots of time outside--walking on the beach, working in the garden, planting up our pots and eating alfresco.  Nothing too hurried, just lots of down time to chillax.

The Noodle was "in the zone" when we went down to the Lake.  Complete with her binoculars and her palentologist bag.  She was intent to find fossils--Daddy tried to convince her that some cool looking shells were ancient bones from long ago dinos, but she didn't buy it.

Little Buddy was a willing participant along for the ride...no matter what the activity ;)

This year the Noodle was really into planning out Mother's Day .  She had it in her mind exactly what she wanted to do, so Saturday she and J were busy running errands here and there to get everything in place. So sweet.
Sunday morning she brought me breakfast in bed which was so thoughtful.  After church we ran to the garden store (or 3) before we met up with Lollie and Papa for brunch.  Boy how the tide can turn...prior to brunch, NO ONE wanted Mama...it was all about Daddy.  Ha!  Just keeping it real.  Once everyone had some food in their tummies things calmed down.
***Just as an aside, I know this hat makes me look like a complete tool, but since I'm edging ever so much closer to a milestone birthday, I've become much more aware of the sun and the damage that it is/has done to my skin.  Vanity be gone!!!!!

Mother's Day can be such a blessing, but I know that it can also be a very hard holiday (--see here ).  For too many years I just wanted to skip right over this particular Sunday.  A great prayer warrior, who has since gone on to be with the Lord, used to pray this scripture for me:  "He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children.  Praise the Lord!"--Psalm 113:9  Praise the Lord is right!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The newest pet

Meet the newest member(s) of the family--worms.  They are the perfect pet.  insert heavy sarcasm here.  They sleep out in the garage.  They don't eat much.  They don't need exercise.  They don't even need that much attention.  All they require is that someone else be on bird-alert...so they don't get eaten.  Ha.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


The human body is really a remarkable machine.  It is hard to believe how much healing can occur in just 24 or 48 hours.  Mei Mei's surgery was this past Tuesday and by late Wednesday afternoon we were home. Thursday we were outside enjoying the sun, chalking up a storm and this weekend we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa and played out on the beach.

Thankfully everything went very smoothly.  We were able to get a surgery time of 6 a.m., so even though we were up bright and early, at least we didn't have to deal with the problem of not being able to eat.  Mei Mei was very calm (and pretty much clueless, which is how you want it, I guess!) and seemed at peace as everything got started.  I was able to go back into the O.R. with her while she went to sleep and sang to her as she drifted off.

The post-op was pretty much how we remembered it was with the Noodle.  Yucky.  That horrible cry--a cross between pain, a whimper and a groan.  Once we got up into the room and got settled, Mei Mei drifted between sleeping and semi-awake.  I spent the night with her and while there wasn't a ton of sleeping, her pain seemed to be under control, which was the main thing.

We follow up with the surgeon on Monday, but he was very pleased with how everything went--so are we. So glad that all the hospital "stuff" is behind us!!  Thank you for all the prayers and sweet thoughts.  We appreciate them and definitely felt the Lord's presence with us as we went through this journey.