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Monday, May 26, 2014

The start of all things...summer!

Nothing like the Memorial Day holiday weekend to get the summer off and rollin'!
We made sure we did all kinds of summer-like activities.  With the weather being as beaut.i.ful as it was, we couldn't help not doing so!!

Making homemade ice-cream?  Check.
Tasty breakfast treats?  Check.
Playing at the beach?  Check.

Kayaking--multiple times?  Check.
***Don't worry, when she went out in the water, she had her special vest on!

Hanging with family?  Check.

Memorial Day parade?  Check.
Playing outside?  Check.

BBQing and eating in the park?  Check.
Summer is officially here!!!!!!!!!!  Yipee :)

1 comment:

Seth said...

Nice Virginia t-shirt Claire!! More importantly, so fun to see all these pictures of the great weekend!!