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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That's just how God made me!

The other day when the Noodle and I were talking, I gave her a compliment and you know what her response was?  "That's just the way God made me!"  I love that she recognizes God is the source for everything and isn't afraid to say it.  I pray that she will continue to be bold in her faith!!
She has also been asking to hear all kinds of stories about when J and I were little.  The ones where we were naughty, have been especially entertaining to her.  Ha ha!  In the process, she'll ask us to tell her stories about the "hotel room" (aka when we first met her and became a family) or when she was little :)  Sometimes she'll get out our photo album and retell the story in her own words--simply precious!!  That transparency is so important and it is my hope that she will always feel that she can come to us and ask questions...especially as she gets older and the questions become more difficult. 

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