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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yo Ho Ho!!

I think I'll blame it on Jonah...or maybe the Pirates That Don't Do Anything.  We recently watched both movies (thank you V*ggieTales) and so lately the Noodle has been into pirates.  Starting about 3 weeks ago she kept badgering me to go buy her a sword.  We had seen a foam one at a local craft store.  She was all about strategizing how we were going to get this sword.  Didn't matter in her little mind that there was an ice storm descending on the city or that they were predicting inches and inches of snow.  Can you say single track mind of a 4 year old?!  I fobbed her off and told her maybe she'd get one for Valentine's day as a little gift.  So I thought I'd better deliver.
Then, at Sunday School last week, they made boats out of cardboard boxes (Peter walking on the water to Jesus).  That, coupled with the new sword, has made for some pretty fantastic pirate imaginary play!  Arghhhh, shiver me timbers matey!  Yo Ho Ho!  Walk the plank!

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