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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lion Dance, take 2

Yes, it may look like a unicorn...but it isn't.  It's really a lion...doing a lion dance.  Can't you tell?  

Do you wonder who is "under" the lion?
Peek-a-boo!!  I know you're shocked...to see the Noodle.

This was what she wanted to play before preschool this morning.  She brought some of her friends (read, stuffed animals) down for the show and had me drum, bang, gong and clap away to a variety of different beats while she cavorted around.  Periodically we "fed" said lion red envelopes and lettuce (don't quite understand the background or reason behind the lettuce business, but we'll go with it..........).  Hilarious!

After wearing a blanket on your head, in the winter, in a dry house, with stick-straight hair, this is what happens :)  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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cmccormick79 said...

LOVE IT!! she looks more and more like a big girl each day. hope all is well. thanks for the valentine too. so cute...and good job writing your name, claire. lots of love, a.c. and u