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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chinese New Year

Gung Hay Fat Choy (Best Wishes and Congratulations)!
This will be the first of probably 2 CNY posts.  In our family, we tend to celebrate a couple of times...just like the holiday that's 15 days long, right?!  Ha ha!

On the actual start of the holiday, we didn't end up doing anything, but yesterday we headed down to Asia Town to watch the Lion Dance.  Soooo cool!!  On a side note, we thought the Lion Dance was last Saturday but were wondering why there weren't more people milling around the plaza...turns out we were at the WRONG plaza (slap head).  No problem though...we just wandered around the market.  Always fun and interesting.

Snow Fugus?!?  Can't say that I've ever tried that in my oats, but o.k.
Thankfully we got down there early enough this weekend (as well as getting the location right) to get a good standing spot that was close enough to see all the action.
We were not disappointed!  The lion danced, shook, lunged and gobbled up lucky red envelopes as fast as people could feed them.  Listening to the drummers drumming, the cymbals clanging and the gongs gonging (?) you get so caught up in the moment.  I'm certain the evil spirits would be chased away (if we believed in that) after such a performance!

Then, last night, we got together with friends from church for our annual CNY party.  Even though we are the only family who has a child adopted from China, we still like to hang out, laugh and of course eat!  Any excuse, right?!
Aren't these rookie sticks fun?  A kind gift, for all the kiddos!

The kiddo table (plus one--hee hee);  see the look of glee that a juice pouch can produce--the forbidden fruit I tell ya!
The lunch with the FCC group will occur next weekend.  We always look forward to this event because it is so awesome to see the girls (and boys) running around in their finery, loving life, being proud of their Chinese heritage, eating like champs, and, for once, being the majority and not the minority.  Gung Hay Fat Choy!


David,Lois,Austin, Darrell & Leila said...

I LOVE the little bunny chopsticks. Where did you find those?

E said...

One of the women from church had her sister visiting (she lives in Beijing). She brought them with her. The little finger holes were really helpful to the kids. Maybe Asia Kids or China Sprout has something similar? Happy shopping!