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Monday, August 1, 2011

The first step

Today was a first step.  Not a big one, but that first, initial one...The Noodle went to the babysitter's house for the morning.  I am taking a workshop this week and so we thought it would be good as a "trial run" for her to stay.
Both J and I dropped her off.  She was ready.  She was excited.  "It's Jennifer (the babysitter) day" she told us.  What a relief!  We had talked about it over the weekend...talked about our feelings and the changes that were coming to our family...talked about how some things would be different and other things would be the same. She seemed ready.

Thankfully everything about the morning ran smoothly.  Getting dressed, breakfast, scooting out the door, etc.  Nice and smooth.  When it was time for J and me to leave her, she just gave us BIG hugs and then got down to her business of playing.  
When I picked her up, she pretended like she didn't see me and kept right on playing.  She was right there in the thick of it with 2 other boys and thoroughly enjoying herself.  Obviously having a grand time!  What a joy to see and a blessing.  To know that your child is completely happy (even on the first day) and feels safe and secure.  Thank you Lord for this gift!

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