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Thursday, July 28, 2011

CSA Week 6

We had another full bounty from the CSA this week.  Included in our loot was:  kitchen greens, TONS of basil, an onion, some tomatoes,  some yellow squash, zucchini, and eggplants.  We also got yellow banana peppers, but J knows I always struggle with how to use these, so he dropped them on the barter table.  He picked up 2 additional eggplants in their place. 
 Now just a quick note about eggplant.  I personally don't mind them, but again am limited in how I use them (think ratatouille/moussaka).  J doesn't really care for them, so when I heard he brought home 3, I about fell over.  Then, after a quick discussion, I decided I'd try my hand at baba ganoush, the close relative to hummus--and let me tell ya, we eat a LOT of hummus in our family.  I'm hoping that the Noodle will overlook the eggplant factor and focus on the similarities-to-hummus factor and gobble it up.  It will be pureed, after all, thus erasing any eggplant/vegetable connection. 

As far as these pictures of the Noodle go, I think we're heavy into that "I'm-going-to-act-like-a-lunatic-in-every-photo" stage.  Lovely.

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