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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from the mountains

We got back from visiting Uncle and Aunt C...and what a fun time we had!  We're lucky that they have lived in some cool places for us to come visit--the Boston area and now the mountains ( but not out West).  Isn't it amazing, how in the U.S. ,there are so many different regions and climates?  J and I were talking about it on the loooong drive back.  I honestly think that the Noodle does better than me.  I seem to be becoming less and less tolerant the longer we have to sit in a car.  Yuck!  Yet she seems to just go with the flow--thankfully!

We did all the typical "touristy" things--sightseeing, hiking (sort of), wine tasting, shopping (window), eating and of course, lots and lots of catching-up!  Some of us even attempted some K*ng Fu Panda karate  moves with the bubble gun...enough said on that one!  Ha Ha!!  So relaxing and enjoyable!  If only they weren't 8 hours away :(

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