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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthday Date Night

Lollie and Papa babysat the other night so we could go out for an "adult" dinner to celebrate J's birthday.  The restaurant where we went has a gorgeous view of Downtown and sits right high up on a cliff, overlooking the Lake.  Breathtaking and soo romantic. Good food, good wine, great conversation and a chance to exhale and enjoy just being together.

The waitress obviously could sense that this was a special occasion because this was what our dessert looked like when she brought it out.  Yum!
White chocolate Godiva cheesecake.  T.D.F. (to die for)!


Susan said...

That looks really good! Need to know where that restaurant is. And Oh, Yeah....happy birthday J.

PletcherFamily said...

Thanks for visiting the blog! I do wish I could bottle that energy. I was tired just looking at them.

You have a beautiful family!