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Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashback Friday

This picture was taken from July 2009--the Noodle had been home with us almost a year.  Obviously we had just picked up our share from the CSA.  I think her little grin is so cute here!  Look at how short her hair is!!  It has taken us a long time to grow it out--yikes!
This was from our visit in May '09 to visit Uncle and Aunt C, up in Boston.  We were eating Mother's Day brunch at an adorable restaurant, right on the water.  Everything was so crisp, bright and clear--it was a gorgeous day.  Aunt C is quite the photographer, so we spent some time snapping photos.  The Noodle was pretty cooperative--LOL!

Here are a couple of more up-to-date snaps of the Noodle. 
We're going to be leaving to visit Uncle and Aunt C in their new house, in their new city.  Can't wait to see them and catch up!  I'm sure there will be TONS of photos commemorating the trip, right C?

We'll see you soon!  Enjoy!!

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