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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A trying few days...

Oh. my. goodness.  We've had our hands full around here these past few days.  For some unknown reason, the Noodle has decided to unleash the hounds of Hades where her behavior is concerned.  Lord, give me strength!  It started on Saturday at the crack of dawn morning with a meltdown (windows open...I'm sure the neighbors were thanking us) because I wouldn't move positions on the sofa when I was ordered told to move.  Really?!  I don't think so!  Then last night, because J pulled the window shade closed, when it was "Mama night"--again windows open, broadcasting to the world her fury.  We're talking screaming, kicking, crying, flailing around, etc., etc., etc.  Totally unhinged.

It seems that she's been going from 0 to 90 in no time at all!  Both days she had been fine, not seemingly grouchy or testy or anything like that, and then BAM.  Yikes!
Then this morning, after a fun time baking sugar cookies with some new cookie cutters, she lost it again.   All because I was cleaning up the kitchen and had asked her to please put her library books back into her bag so that we could go up and get ready to go the park.  Again, she had been as sweet as sweet can be and was really a good little helper with the cookies...and then WWIII hit.  Notice in the pictures how the windows are open?  Oh yes, our neighbors are no doubt wondering what kind of monster we are harboring!
Needless to say, we didn't end up at the park and the books (as well as the Noodle) ended up in time-out.  After finally calming down and getting dressed I decided we needed to sit outside and do something soothing/calming--playing with rainbow rice. 
We'll see what the next few hours days bring.  I don't usually write about testy, difficult behavior, because quite frankly it is such a downer and who really wants to read about it?!  On the other-hand, the Noodle is a normal little preschooler who has big highs and lows and still is learning how to regulate and manage her behavior.  Just keeping it real, ya know?!
Mmmmwwahhh!  Watch out!

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