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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Catching-up...picture style

I guess it goes without saying that if the last time I posted was back in February, and it was all about Christmas Eve, then things are a bit cray here.

For anyone still popping in, here is a wrap-up of our life from the past few months.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Cozy backseat riding!
Ugly Christmas sweaters for the win
The Noodle's birthday celebration
Fancy restaurant to ring in the New Year
2017, we're ready for ya!
Dumpling making--yum
A stop at Starbucks is always a treat ;)
Happy Year of the Rooster
Snow day!
Happy 3 year Gotcha Day Mei Mei
Trying out a new pho restaurant--delish!
Big smiles and happy bellies filled with noodles

Beauty and the Beast play
Chopstick skillz
Snuggling and reading with Daddy
Happy Birthday Papa
Attempting roller skating...and NOT being a fan
Happy Birthday Grandma!
A feeding frenzy with hot pot and alllll the food!
Exploring out and about
Big hugs for this guy!
Noah's Ark musical for church
More skating!

Shootin' hoops

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