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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Re-adoption Day for Mei Mei

While everything with Mei Mei's adoption was finalized while we were in China back in February, some families choose to also finalize in the States, which allows them to obtain an American birth certificate.  While we have her Chinese one, having one from our state (in English) makes life sooo much easier.
There were more forms to fill out (go figure), a fee (isn't there always?!) and then an appointment with the Magistrate which was basically a time for some friendly chit-chat.  She stamped a few forms, looked over the paperwork and we were outta there in 30 minutes.  Kinda anti-climatic, but we're all about ease here :)
You can read about The Noodle's finalization here--back in '09 (can it really be?!)

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