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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cork boat kiddo craft

A few weeks ago, before we headed back to school, we decided to have another craft afternoon. Nothing fancy and certainly not any crazy supplies or complex directions.  I had pinned this activity and the Noodle thought it looked like a winner, so we jumped in!
Wine corks?  Check (ahem, just a few floating around!)
Toothpicks?  Check
Colored cardstock?  Check
Twine/string?  Check

After gathering all the materials we spent the afternoon sitting out on the porch creating.  I made a model for the Noodle and then she was more than happy to work on it, on her own.  She needed an extra hand to tie the string, but other than that, she was golden.
She kept going and even made some little cork people.  What could be better?  I love their faces! And do you see that tie?!  Gah!
And Mei Mei...she was having fun cutting the paper with the craft scissors, poking toothpicks into the corks and generally exploring the materials.
The real fun for her however, happened when we broke out the bowls of water to set the vessel in for their maiden voyages.  She was pleased with her boat, but luurved dumping those corks into the water and then splashing away to her hearts content.
The Noodle, meanwhile, had a whole conversation going with her cork people and the boat.
 Both were exploring, creating, experimenting and having fun.  Success!

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