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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Day of Preschool!

So. much. excitement.  Seriously!  She was ready to go.  Watching sissy catch the bus, get her backpack in order and head off to school...it was finally Mei Mei's turn :)
Of course, the first-day-of-school pictures.
And some silly ones as well.
We had talked about what to expect and she had so much fun when she went for her orientation morning.  She was silent a bit more reserved when her teacher came for the home visit but still pumped.
This week she'll only go for an hour, but next week, three mornings a week she'll be heading off!
Not a tear or a backwards glance (small sniff from me) and ready to greet "Tick Tock", which is what she calls her teacher because of the clean up song they sing.  Love it!  Now I just need to remember to call her by her correct name and not "Tick Tock".  Ha!
Here's to new beginnings!!

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