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Saturday, August 23, 2014


Yum!  Summer with its bounty of delicious fruit right at our fingertips--I love it!
Late summer, in our part of the world, is a great time for picking raspberries.  We haven't been in a few years (boo!) so it was nice to head back out and spend the morning hunting and gathering--ha!
J was able to go with us, so between the 3 of us (Mei Mei was busy wandering and attempting to "disappear"--so she could nibble in peace?!) we picked 8 quarts.  The Noodle and I restrained ourselves from sampling until the very end, but boy, was it hard!
Our dinner reservations for the evening?  A picnic down at the Lake--perfect view and perfect company! Bet ya can't guess what was up for dessert?

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