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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Re-adoption day

The "official" photo
Is it time to eat lunch at Daddy's office yet?!?!
Yep, I'm really hungry so I'm going.
O.k., I'll sit here, as long as Farley is with me.
This morning we went downtown to the county courthouse to have everything finalized with the C.N.'s re-adoption. While this is technically not manditory, re-adopting her here in the US will give her an American birth certificate as well as the Chinese birth certificate we already have. As you can imagine, having a document such as a birth certificate in English makes life a whole lot easier when such paperwork is required. All in all, it was a very simple process. We had to fill out MORE paperwork, bring in the various documents we received in China, meet with the magistrate and pay the fee. When it was all said and done, it took about an hour. A secretary that works there took us up to one of the beautiful court rooms for a few photo opportunities. The Chinese Noodle sat on the witness stand, but was more interested in eating lunch than posing. Once we brought her favorite frog, Farley, into the mix, she was more cooperative.


Susan said...

Way to go getting that done! I started off well after getting home, but had no follow through, so we have yet to go to court! Congratulations!

Nicole said...

Hey you are ahead of us too! Good job guys and congratulations! We have filled out the paper work, it's still sitting here on my desk, now I just need to make the trip to the court house and get it done!