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Thursday, February 26, 2009

How much fun can you have with a tutu?

Hmmmmmm I think I like this tutu.
One of the 2 Bs and the Chinese Noodle
Definitely the crowning glory
Tea and tutus
Tutus in the kitchen? Sure, why not?!
Parachute? But of course!
Today we went over to a good friend's house, who watches her granddaughters, for a play date. This friend is the one who is helping me with my sewing. She really is amazing--definitely a gift that God has blessed her with! Anyway, her older granddaughter had wanted a tutu...specifically red and she also wanted something to wear in her hair (hairbows just not cutting it in this case). M. whipped up these last night and was gracious enough to make one for the Chinese Noodle as well. It was great seeing them prance and dance, whirl and twirl around. I think we enjoyed watching them as much as they did wearing them! Thanks again M!!

As a side note, they have a pet cat and the C.N. has a love/hate relationship with pet dogs and cats. She loves to see them out in the neighborhood, in books, when we are driving, etc. but when she comes up close and personal with one, she gets really scared. The entire time we were there, she kept one eye out for the cat and would sprint back into my lap anytime he got too close. That's probably why she wasn't smiling as much.

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Mary B. said...

E, J and C.

Every girl needs a tu-tu! I would love to wear one around my house, I think it would make vacuuming the stairs and other not so funny activities (cat litter, enough said) much more enjoyable…Hugs and kisses to all!

God is Love,