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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scrappy bunting...a tutorial

Lately I've been bitten by the bunting bug.  Try saying that 3 times fast!  If you're on Pinterest or skulk around any crafting blogs, you've probably come across some of these beauts.
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They are bright, cheery and colorful.  What's not to love?!

So I decided that I'd stop merely pinning and start doing.  Novel thought, eh?  Hence a tutorial was born!

So what you'll need are:
--various material scraps (I cut mine into 3x20 in. strips)
--a cutting mat
--scissors or a rotary wheel
--twine, thicker string, cord, clothesline, etc.
--2 nails/hooks

Let's get started!

First, determine where you want to hang your bunting and then measure your twine (or whatever you're going to use).  I decided that our newly renovated laundry rooms was in dire need of a little bit of somethin'.
Sorry, no picture here..!
Then pull all of your fabric scraps out and take a few minutes taking a stroll down memory lane--remember making this into a pinney top?  that into ruffled pants?  this one into a dress?  Once you've done that, figure out what colors you want to use, which fabrics work well together, whether you want a pattern or a similar color theme.
Next up, start cutting up your scraps.  Like I said, I (loosely) measured mine to be 3x20.  It doesn't have to be exact because the beauty of this is the scrappy look.  If you're a little short, no biggie!  I ended up doing 4 of each print and I had 16 different prints.  You can lay them out in the order that you like or maybe you'll decide to just make it totally random.  It's cool either way.

Then start tying on the fabric to the cord.  I liked mine closer together, but you can certainly make it look more loose.  The pictures show how I made my knot.

Keep tying on until you've come to the end of your cord and then voila!, you have a cute scrappy bunting to hang up!
Everytime I look at it I smile.

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Hannah said...

Your bunting looks lovely!
Stop Pinning and start making - that's what I need to do...