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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Death by Chocolate

I have a confession to make.  I have a sweet tooth.  Big time.  I especially have a sweet tooth where chocolate is involved.  Dark.  Milk.  Even white.  I'm not too picky.  Mmmmmm. 

So, when I am preparing a dessert for a larger group, this is one of my go-to recipes.  Death by Chocolate.  Did I already say Mmmmmm?!  Super easy.  Tasty.  Only 4 ingredients.  What's not to love about that?

I know there are a million different variations of this floating around, but here's mine.
1 box of 9x13 brownie mix
3 pckgs. of chocolate mousse (I could only find Dark this time, but Milk would be delish too)
1 12oz. tub of Cool Whip
1 pckg. of crushed Heath pieces
Bake the brownies as directed on the package and set aside to cool.  Please disregard the old, yucky pan!

Whip up the mousse and let sit for designated time as per the instructions on the box.
Once both of those are cooled and set, you're ready for construction.  Cut the brownies into small squares and begin to layer at the bottom of your trifle bowl.
Next spoon on some of the mousse.  This time, the grocery store only had Dark Chocolate mousse, but I actually prefer Milk Chocolate for this recipe--kinda balances out the taste and provides a bit more contrast.  Totally up to you though.
Next spoon on the Cool Whip and sprinkle on the Heath pieces.  Continue layering brownies, mousse, Cool Whip, and Heath pieces until you reach the top.
Swoon worthy, I tell ya!  Enjoy:)

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Faye Verquer said...

LOVE THAT IDEA!!! I bought a truffle bowl 2 Thanksgivings ago for a pumpkin dessert...and now i search for recipes just for that bowl!! THANK YOU!!!

I love reading all about you, your family and your "Noodle!" I started way back on journey to me and have followed you since!

I can't wait until we read of a 2nd Journey!! (I just know there's gotta be another one!!!)