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Monday, October 15, 2012


It has been a few weeks, but we're still here!  How about some hellos to start off a new week?
Hello to a new walkway up to the front door!
Hello to the ability to create and imagine...with just a few 2x4s.
Hello to alfresco lunches--I'm not sure how many more of these we'll have!
Hello to power tools and helping Daddy.
Hello to days off from school and a visit to the stable.

Hello to being healthy and saying goodbye to a nasty tummy bug that hit all 3 of us at once!
Hello to cat naps...there's nothing like the sight of a sleeping child, is there?
Hello to grocery store splurges that make me smile.
Hello to glorious sunrises that remind us that every day is a new beginning and a gift from God.
Hooking up with Lisa and all her Monday morning hellos!


Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing your photos! Love your flagstone walkway and your daughter is beautiful...blessings! Hello from Hello Mondays!

Nancy at livininthegreen

likeschocolate said...

The walk way looks fantastic! Your little girl is so cute!