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Friday, March 25, 2011

Harold...on the stage

How many of you remember this book from childhood?  I'm sure quite a few, especially since it was first published in 1945!!  No matter, the story of how one little boy goes on a creative adventure with only his purple crayon, is timeless.  This morning the Noodle, and friends of ours from church, went to go see Harold on the big stage.  Both my friend and I were interested to see how they would interpret the book, especially because, while a sweet story, the plot is a bit...um, thin. 
Well, an interactive dance adaptation was the way they chose to express the story.  Interesting!  It was really more modern dance and since I have had little experience/exposure with it (as compared with more classical ballet) I was pretty intrigued!  The Noodle sat as she typically does at most performances...stock still, hands clasped, serious look on her face, eyes never wavering--so stoic!  At the end of the show, I asked her if she liked it and she said "Oh, yes!" 

Afterward, the four of us went out for lunch and the two kiddos really cut up.  They were both sharing and swapping their sunglasses back and forth...so cute.  I only wish I had a photo!!  Happy Friday :)

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