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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Carrot-cake muffins

After reading a book from the library (in which a horse gets to go out to pasture and eat all the carrot-cake muffins she likes, day after day) the Noodle requested to make some.  Sure--I happen to like carrot-cake, but put a big ol' dollop of cream cheese frosting on top and my "like" turns into "loooove"!  I do have a couple of "helpful pointers" for any of you out there who decide to make your own....

1.  Buy pre-grated carrots.  It is a big horrific pain in the patootie to try and grate baby carrots.  Not so good on the fingers/nails either, especially little ones.
This cracks me up...monkey see, monkey do!
2.  Don't try to skimp steps and go with the pre-made cream cheese frosting.  When you've been used to the "real" stuff, the store-bought just doesn't compare :(
Good thing they still made the Noodle smile!

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