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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We have this little spot in our kitchen that the Noodle LOVES to sit in.  We call it her hidey-hole.  It is under a counter, right by the warm vent so it is always toasty.  If I'm being honest, I'd love to have a hidey-hole that is warm and cozy too!  Many a night while I'm fixing dinner, she'll sit here and talk to me.  Today she decided it would be the perfect place to eat her apple.
This actually gives a better "feel" for the spot.  Nothing glamorous about it.  Right by the basement door actually.  Something about small spaces and kiddos.  They just seem to go together.
And in the vain of keeping it real--this is what she gave me when I asked her to smile........really cooperative, ha ha!  Had to take about 10 shots like this before I finally was able to capture this:
The "life-is-soooo-difficult-when-your-mother-is-always-taking-your-picture" look.  What a Noodle!!

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cmccormick79 said...

please let her know that her aunt c and uncle would love to skype with her if she'll ever oblige. :0 love and miss you all!!