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Monday, August 13, 2012


It's a sunny Monday but there are lots of hello's as we hook up with Lisa.  We've been busy the past few weeks due to our move, but we've still taken time to enjoy the last few weeks of summer--specifically all things related to horses;)  The Noodle has taken quite an interest, and last weekend there was a fund raiser for the Therapeutic Riding Program which included pony rides, face painting, riding shows and more.  Good times!
Hello to piles and piles of boxes that are shrinking, rather than growing.  Yeah!  Hello to everything finding its place.
Hello to imagination and 'Fred' the horse (don't be fooled, that bucket is really an Arabian).
Hello to organization, painting, decorating and re-decorating.  Why is it that the list keeps growing?!
Hello to lunches by the Lake and squeezing out as much time as possible to these last remaining golden days before school starts back up.
Hello to cooler nights and bright clear days. Fall, you're right around the corner aren't you?  What are you saying hello to this week?

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