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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advent chain--Day 7

"Write a letter to Santa"

O.k., so maybe dictate is more accurate!  I was going to have the Noodle cut out pictures from the circulars (since she so obviously looooves to do this anyway) but then I realized that she's really just cutting out the characters because she likes them, rather than liking the actual object that the characters are on.  Ha ha--might confuse Santa a bit if he saw on her list Ka-Chow underwear or something similar!
If you're interested in doing this with your little one, I found this cute site to use as the template.

We also hooked up with friends, that we traveled to China with, for lunch.  It was so fun catching up and of course seeing how much the girls have grown and changed.  We last saw them this summer, so it was good to reconnect.  We just wish that our other travel buddies could have joined us, but considering the weather and the distance, we'll just have to do it again, but with a bit more planning!
 Love all those smiley faces!
Somehow we managed to have them sit for one last picture because seconds before it looked more like this...with ear-piercing squeals!
Here's a photo taken about this time two years ago.  My how time flies!!

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Unknown said...

I love that gray sparkley dress!! ;)