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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent chain--Day 8

"Read all of the Christmas favorites!"

The Noodle loves books.  She loves to have them read to her and she enjoys to read by herself.  All in all, she is pretty good at keeping herself occupied (appropriately) while J and I are busy--making dinner, cleaning up, even reading the paper.  Many a time have I peeked in on her and found her quite happily ensconced on the couch with books scattered around her.  Every once in a while she has even said "I'll read my books and you read yours...but don't look at me!" (because of course I love to peer over my book and watch/listen to her retell the stories in her own words--big smile!).  All that being said, this day on our chain was easy, easy, easy and so enjoyable.  Isn't it lovely having your little one cuddle up to you to listen to stories?

Another Christmas tradition we keep is that the Noodle has a little tree in her room and she gets to put up one ornament a day on it.  A sweet family at church, who has twins now in high school (hello R. family!), gave it to the Noodle, since they had gotten to old moved on a bit.  The first year, it pretty much went over her head.  Last year, she was more interested in moving the ornaments, putting them in a variety of places, taking them on and off the tree, etc.  This year though, she GETS it.  Each morning, she reminds me that we have to put on the ornament and it is always a big decision where it will get placed.  Since the tree didn't have a topper, I thought that perhaps we should make one.  When I asked her what kind she wanted to make (angel, star, etc.) she decided on a star.
This afternoon, after table time, I braved the glitter (ugh!) and she commenced to make the brightest, most glittery star for the top of her tree.  There's just something about glitter that makes a kiddo light up!  Watching her create was worth the glitter that got everywhere.  Tis the season for all things merry and bright!

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