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Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent chain--day 3

"Set up the creche"

The first year I was on my own and setting up my own "house", my parents gave me a beautiful Nativity scene with figurines.  I always looked forward to putting that up each year, not only because of what it represents but also because it makes me pause and remember that year I lived by myself, before J and I got married.  My one-bedroom apartment was small, but I loved it so!  Especially when it was decorated for Christmas.

Fast-forward to present times.  Right after we got home from China, we received the L*ttle P*ople Nativity set as a gift.  I was thrilled!!  A crech that begs to be touched, loved and experienced.  The Noodle could play to her heart's content and I wouldn't have to worry about figurines smashing to smithereens.
I love that she is really beginning to grasp God and his relationship with us (from a 3 year's old point of view, obviously!).  Each night she looks forward to reading from her bible and since we have read it through so often, she is beginning to anticipate and remember stories that we've read in past times.  Some mornings, while J and I are getting ready, she will sit in her room and have her own quiet time while "reading" her bible.  It warms my heart so much.

My prayer is that this Christmas we can continue to help her understand that the reason we celebrate is because God sent his very own son to dwell among us--Emmanuel.  His light shines in the darkness and we can be a witness for that light.  Letting her play with the manger scene and act out the Nativity story is a great way to help make her faith real and relative.  Isn't that one of the main callings that we have as parents?

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