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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthday re-cap

Whew!  I think we were all exhausted by the end of yesterday.  It was busy, but fun.

5:30 a.m., bright and early, I heard a little voice say "Who's there?  I'm all done sleeping!  Can I get up now?"  I went up and told her it was waaay to early for her to rise and shine, but after about 20 minutes, I could still tell she was wide awake, so I went back up to get her but made her pinkie swear that she'd take a nap later on in the day since no one wanted a crabby birthday girl.  Wow--that was one long sentence, wasn't it?! 

She had gotten out the special birthday outfit that she wanted to wear the night before, down to the hair accessories and her favorite blue panties.  What a hoot.  She kept checking to make sure it was o.k., since she and J had organized everything while I was at the gym.  I reassured it that it was fine!  I love how she put everything out on her rocking chair just like she would be wearing it--only minus her body, ha ha!
On J's way home in the morning, he stopped by double D and picked up some munckin holes for the munckin...a breakfast of champions, I'd say!  She was thrilled.  Then it was time to run off for her last day of school before Christmas vacation.
I went in a little later in the morning to read a story to the class and to volunteer.  I always love to see what's going on and to get a little glimpse into her school day.
The pretend center...with superhero shields (?!?!)
After preschool let out, we headed over to a friend's house for a play/lunch date.  The Noodle was again in her glory--CARS mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets, juice and cupcakes with TONS of frosting.  Quite obviously healthy meals flew out the window this birthday ;)  The 3 little ones had fun making a tiara craft that we had brought and after blowing out the candles on the cupcake, it was time to head home for the (much needed) nap. 
Once she woke up and we played for a bit, it was finally time for the grandparents to come for the party.  Her request this year for her special birthday dinner?  White bean chicken chili...not Chinese food, as it has been the past few years!  After eating 2 bowls, spinach salad and some homemade bread, she was finally ready to tackle the presents.  Honestly, she had been ready for some time, but had showed remarkable control!  The CARS jammies and the Grinch book and DVD were definitely the highlights.  Then it was time for cake.  She hadn't been too particular this year, so when she continued being vague, I offered up the idea of a cookie pizza.  She thought that sounded tasty and I thought it sounded much easier than trying to fight with icing that never seems to go on smoothly onto a shape that  hardly resembles the vision that I have in my mind which I'm trying to re-create!  There we go with the run-on sentences again.
By 8:15 everyone had left, the Noodle was sawing logs and J and I weren't far behind. Right before she nodded off though, she doubled checked that she'd still be 5 when she woke up the next day.  I assured it that she would be...for another 364 days.  Definitely a fun day!

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