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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Chain--Day 3

The sleepover was a success, as the smiles indicate.  When I called this morning, Papa answered and asked if the Noodle wanted to talk to me.  "No" she said.  At least she's honest.  Ha!

Today's Advent chain link is all about sugar, sugar, sugar--to build with, that is.  Not to eat.  We specifically bought candies that we wouldn't be tempted to nibble on.  Necco wafers?  Blech.  But they make such a perfect little roof for a "gingerbread" house.  Now, truth be told, we didn't actually use gingerbread.  Graham crackers to be exact.  But they work just as well and you still have that oh-so-sweet sugary smell as you're working thanks to the icing (which was also store bought--perfect consistency).
We experimented with our "technique".  J, the model-building expert, went to town on the Noodle's and his Frank Lloyd Wright "Falling Waters" inspired abode.  Me?  I covered a school-lunch milk carton and used that as my framework.  Both ways worked and I think all 3 turned out great!  What do you think?

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