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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Chain--Day 1

Since the calendar has flipped over to December, that means it is time to start our Advent count-down.  Yeah!  Most of the events are the same as in previous years, but hey, that's what family traditions are all about, right?! 
In the bible study I'm doing right now, we've been talking about the importance of "living in the moment", especially in regards to our kiddos.  To really take time and just BE with them.  Listen to them.  Experience them.  Cherish them. 
That's one of the things I enjoy about our count-down.  While there are certainly a few "events" that we've planned, most of the things are just fun ways to hang out as a family and enjoy soaking in every bit of this glorious holiday--the Advent of the birth of our Lord.
So....Day 1's event consisted of making our paper chain; and of course the teacher in me couldn't help but focus on the patterning and number identification aspect of the activity either, ha!

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