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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Advent Chain Days 23 and 24

The big day is almost here!  So exciting :)  We had a few last minute things to finish up--day 23 was to make birthday cupcakes for Jesus and day 24 (today) was to go down and walk around the urban market in our big city.  I have such fond memories of doing this as a child.  Things have changed somewhat though--now the fruit and veg stands are heated (I kid you not).  Memories also include layer upon layer of clothes so that we wouldn't freeze as we hoofed it up one side of the market and down the other.  I love all the sights, smells and of course the people watching.  You see all walks of life down here--big-wig exec to the fresh-off-the-boat immigrant to the suburban housewife--all bartering and buying their goodies for the holiday.  A great equalizer, I'd say!
Tonight we're off to our church's children service and then to have tea with Lollie and Papa.  The anticipation is building and we're enjoying every minute of it!  Merry, merry!!!

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